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Welcome to the web page for our Reception class.

Mrs Storey is the teacher and she is helped by Miss Graham and Miss Coyle. Miss K Turnbull is the ECT in the Reception class this year.


Miss Turnbull

Mrs Storey

Miss Graham

Miss Coyle

Welcome to our Reception class page!

Hello and welcome to our special page for Reception! We are really lucky to have two big and bright beautiful rooms with lots of different areas to explore! We have a beautiful cosy book corner, a special writing place (though we love to write wherever we can!) and a brilliantly resourced maths area as well as lots of other inviting areas for us to learn in! Reception also have a lovely outside area (including a forest) which we learn in as well as inside! The children have lots of fun learning through play!


Early Years Curriculum
We are the youngest and newest members of the school. Our curriculum is very special as we learn through PLAY! We love to be challenged and enjoy playing inside and outside. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage which is organised into seven areas of learning. These seven areas are as follows:

  • PSED – Personal, social, emotional development (developing self confidence and self awareness, making relationships as well as managing behaviour and feelings).

  • CL – Communication and Language (speaking, listening and understanding)

  • PD – Physical development (gross and fine motor skills)

  • LIT – Literacy (reading and writing)

  • MATHS – Mathematics (numbers and number patterns)

  • UW – Understanding the World (people and communities, the world and past and presen)

  • EAD – Expressive Arts and Design (exploring and using media and materials as well as being imaginative!)

We follow the children’s interests and have mini topics based on this.

Here are a few useful documents for you to have a look at;

-          tf-pa-1648063607-the-eyfs-profile-a-guide-for-parents_ver_2.pdf


-          Web links.docx

How to help at home

If you would like any help or support please ask any member of EYFS staff. We would be more than happy to help with ideas!

Your child has a reading folder which includes letter flashcards and a reading book. Please practise these for 5 – 10 minutes every night if possible. We will hear your child read daily in school during their phonics sessions. We will practise letter sounds and high frequency words during afternoon sessions. We will give children new reading books every Friday.

Encourage your child to write their names on invitations and cards reminding them to have a capital letter at the beginning! As they learn their letter sounds help them practise writing them using the correct letter formation.

Play board games such as ‘snakes and ladders’ to encourage your child to count spaces to move their counters forwards or backwards. When you are walking ask the children to count how many footsteps from one place to another and ask the children to identify different numbers they see on doors or buses. Practise counting in order to at least twenty and backwards to zero.

Life skills
Encourage your child to put on and fasten their own coat, to put on their own shoes and to get dressed and undress by themselves. Remind them to wash their hands after going to the toilet and before eating a meal. When eating encourage your child to use a knife and fork correctly.

Home Observations
Your child has a learning journal in school. This is a working document that documents everything we are learning and doing in Reception. If you would like to come in and have a look at your child’s learning journey you are more than welcome, speak to one of us at the gate or call reception to arrange it.

If you and your child do something wonderful or exciting at home please feel free to take a picture and fill in a home observation sheet (see below). This can also be put into the learning journals to show all the wonderful learning you have been doing at home too!

Please find below copies of our home learning sheet and our letter and number formation sheets:

ESS Home Learning Sheet

Number Formation - Rhyme Cards

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